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Heavenly cuisine at the monastery inn


In the monastery kitchen of the traditional restaurant, fresh, regional, high-quality products are prepared into delicious delicacies and hearty snacks. For a sweet treat, you must try the Waldrast torte or one of the tempting cake and pastry creations from our own pastry shop.

Our monastery inn is a popular destination for hikers, pilgrims, alpinists, connoisseurs, and those seeking peace & quiet.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

Monday- day of rest

Our culinary secret?

Whenever possible, we use products from our own farm, hunting, and fishing. For example, our Kwell char swim in the water of the Waldrast springs at an elevation of 1,600 m, and our cattle spend their summer right outside our door on the pastures of the Waldraster Alm.

The rustic dining lounges in the monastery inn radiate genuine Tyrolean coziness and hospitality and invite you to enjoy yourself and relax. On the sunny terrace with 150 seats, most of which are under a covering, you can immerse yourself in a monastic idyll and savor culinary delights with a grandiose view of the main ridge of the Alps.

Committed to sustainability

Along with the monastery inn, we also run a farm and forestry business. Thus, the newly built farm building with stables and threshing floor flank the building complex of the Waldrast to the southwest. 

In addition to the production of local food (Kwell char, Tyrolean alpine ox), the farm enables us to supply our wood-chip heating facility in a CO2 neutral manner using renewable resources from our mountain forest. Electricity for the Waldrast is also produced locally. Our hydroelectric power plant allows you to enjoy the modern comforts and infrastructure of the 21st century in a house with 500 years of history and an exposed location.